"I gather pollen and make honey" 

This site has been created as part of a European COMENIUS project for teachers and pupils of nursery and primary schools.

It promotes exchanges between schools, pupils, teachers, and, as a whole, between people who are concerned with teaching and those who wish to make suggestions to educational staffs.

It aims at :

How is it possible ?

by creating networks between schools;
by exchanging datas within the network thus created;
by transferring skills in pedagogy and didactics;
by developing the use of multimedia and networks in everyday school activities;
by developing activities in common between teachers such as creating courses, pedagogic tools etc...
It aims at opening the children's minds to the world they will be living in and especially to Europe ; this site is meant to make them become true European citizens.

Thanks to the use of modernized means of communication, it aims at improving the exchanges between pupils. By making them discuss different subjects, they will therefore be encouraged to develop a real concern with learning : a "learning culture" shall then emerge.

It aims at helping the pupils used to the data available on the INTERNET. Then the teacher's role is to facilitate their acquisition of a real "learning culture", together with helping them to appropriate this knowledge.

It also aims at bringing information to isolated areas in order to erase the feeling of isolation that may exist in many European rural areas.

Finally, it aims at transmitting and receiving data together with teaching how to respect the others, the unknown -what and who is different-.

It aims at weaving individual and collective connexions with other people, with "strangers".

Thanks to this site,

We wish to create a desire for discovering and learning;
we wish to form a real solidarity between the peoples;
we would like to give Europeans the feeling that they live in the same place;
we would like our children to change from consumers to creators;

we dare dream of a more friendly world, favouring the utopia of an open world.
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