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Ecole de Torcé April 24  1998 Topic: Corresponding
We are the pupils of Torcé School, in a village of Britanny. We would be happy to communicate with other schools.
We are interested in many subjects like sports, arts, sciences and technology.
 Thank you for contacting us! 
Ecole du Sacré Coeur 
Ste Gemmes d'Andigné
Maine et Loire - France - 
Contact : Dominique Bossard
Dec 17 1997 Subject: looking for Irish penpals 
 We are the children of  Ste Gemmes school in Andigné, and we are looking for an Irish School  to start writing letters to each other. There are 5 classrooms here, with children 2 to 11 year old. We are not connected to theInternet yet. Our teachers wish to develop European activities at school. 
Our contact is Dominique Bossard. 
Thank you!
Thérèse Laigneau 
St Briac School 
Dec 10 1997 Subject : Wales 
We are the children of St Briac School in Bourbriac (Britanny). We are working about Wales (geography, population, religion, customs, history, arts, litterature, Diana).  We are looking for schools or people who could give us some information. At the end of this school year, we will send them the result of our work. 
Thank you! 
Alain LOYER 
School: Allaire - France
Dec 9 1997 Subject: looking for contacts 
 To all the children on this planet 
We are the children of  St Anne School in Allaire, a village in Brittany (France). In association with other children of Allaire and St Jean La Poterie, we are submitting you a  short survey. Since we are Internet  beginners, we would like to write a booklet about all the countries in the world. Thank you in advance for your help. All the participating schools will receive the results of our work before the end of this school year. 
1- From which place in which Country are you writing? 
2- What can you see through the window of your school? (landscape, animals, ....) 

Thank you! 

Coolderry Central School, Birr,Co.Offaly,Ireland 
 oct 13  Subject : folkstories 
We have asked our grandparents to tell us about "the Old Days". Other pupils in Europe could do the same, and we could compare! 
See our  site :